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Urdu Poetry | Urdu Shairy

Posted on: August 11, 2009

HamEsHa DAir kEr Deta hOun Main Her kaAm kArnE Mein
zArOri Baat kEHNi hO, kOi wADa NiBHanA hO
UsSE AawAz DenNi hO UsSE wAPis BuLaNA hO
HamEsHa DAirr kEr Deta hOun

MaDaD kErni hO uSki, YaAr ki DharuS BHanDHanA hO
BoHat DerEnA RastOun pEr kiSi sE miLNE JanA hO
HamEsHa DaiEr kEr Deta hOun

BaDHalte mOsmOun ki seEr Mein DiL kO LaGanA hO
kiSi kO YaaD RakHNa hO kiSi kO BHool JanA hO
HamEsHa DaiEr kEr Deta hOun

kiSi kO mOut sE PeHle kiSi GHam sE BacHanA hO
HaQeQat Aur THi kucH Us kO Ja k YeH BatanA hO
HamEsHa Dair kEr Deta hOun Main HEr kaAm kErnE Mein


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Very Nice Collection,

i must say, your blog is awesomely gorgeous !

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